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Web Design Nottigham

1Web design is a creative process, a combination of visual and graphic techniques, marketing research and consumer’s behavior in Internet. It’s aim is to present the business graphically in an adequate and contemporary way in Internet. In Rastermania everything we make for our clients is personal and unique.

Social media marketing

2 Social media marketing is a marketing that is used to create and manage branded corporate profiles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social networks. Regularly information is posted in the profile, discussions are initiated, answering to inquires, and by this way people that are following the corporate profile will get engaged to the brand thus making recognition it easier.

SEO Nottingham

3 Search engine optimisation (SEO) – by different techniques the corporate website has been optimised. When a certain keyword is used to search in Google the website is displayed in an higher position thus making more visits to the main site and respectably more sales/inquiries through the website.